About Our Electric Bikes

Our tours in the Cotswolds use high-performance electric bicycles, ideal for navigating the region’s hilly terrain. These bikes feature Bosch motors and batteries, providing ample power to climb steep country lanes effortlessly. Each bike has an average retail value of over £2,500, ensuring top-notch quality and reliability.

These bikes were partially funded to the value of £5,000 grant by European Social Fund through the Oxfordshire Enterprise LEP. They offer a premium cycling experience and are designed to make your tour comfortable, enjoyable, and memorable.

Cycle Through Stories and Scenery in the Heart of the Cotswolds

Exclusive Electric Bike Tours for Unforgettable Cotswolds Adventures

Beyond their power and reliability, our electric bikes are equipped with ergonomic seats and advanced suspension systems, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride even on uneven paths. Their intuitive control systems make them user-friendly, perfect for both seasoned cyclists and beginners.

Safety is our priority. Each bike is regularly maintained and comes with a helmet and high visibility garment to wear over your jacket plus panniers to carry spare clothes. We also conduct a safety briefing on safe cycling and how to use the gears and settings.

Ready to ride? Contact us at

(+44) 2079 657 523  or Whatsapp (+44) 07955 482 637

Special Requests available for custom-made tours

My Cotswolds cycle tours start in Long Hanborough which is located just one train stop, 9 minutes ride on the train from Oxford. However, for any group booking of over 4 persons, depending on your heights, sometimes I may need to hire in bicycles & so start point might also be open to be negotiated for our Cotswolds guided tour sightseeing tours.


Notice: you must be aged 14+ to ride an electric bicycle

After you have booked the tour, you will receive details of the meeting point in Long Hanborough village, near Oxford

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